RV Storage Checklist

Recreational vehicles are a major investment, and require proper care and maintenance in order to make them a lasting value. One of the most important maintenance options for your RV is a proper storage facility. There are many factors to consider when shopping for and renting RV storage space. The below checklist covers factors that should be reviewed while searching for your new RV storage unit.

Types of RV Storage

  • Enclosed RV Storage / Bays Definition

    Enclosed RV Storage as listed by RVStorageSites.com are completely enclosed structures with a roll-top door. These bays can be heated or air conditioned and provide the best possible protection from elements and theft for your RV.

  • Covered RV Storage / Bays Definition

    Covered RV Storage as listed by RVStorageSites.com have at least an overhead structure covering your RV. Covered RV Storage can also include outer walls. Usually more than one RV is stored within Covered RV bays. Covered RV Storage Bays offer protection from harsher weather elements such as rain, hail, snow and UV rays.

  • Outdoor RV Storage / RV Lots Definition

    Outdoor RV Storage or RV Storage Lots as listed by RVStorageSites.com are fenced, open lots with no permanent structural protection.

Access Checklist

  • Hours of Access
  • Access Control - Keypad and or Card
  • Vehicle Availability Hours
  • Accepts Deliveries

Facility Checklist

  • Designated RV Parking Spots
  • Large Drive Aisles
  • Electrical Outlets Available
  • Can Accommodate Varying RV sizes

Security Checklist

  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Adequate Lighting
  • Security Fencing

Service Checklist

  • Wash Bay
  • Dump and Fill Service
  • Fueling Service
  • Propane Filling Station
  • Winterizing Service
Other items your may find of interest when searching for an RV Storage Facility include:
  1. RV Storage Security
  2. RV Winterizing