RV Storage Security

Secure RV Storage is the single most important factor when renting storage space for your RV. Every RV storage facility should have a security plan. This storage security plan should include deterrents from weather, vandalism, and theft. RV storage security can range from basic to a total secure rv storage protection plan. The following list provides some features to look for in your RV storage security:


    RV Storage Security Alarms

  • General security alarms in each storage unit that is monitored.
  • Fire & smoke alarm systems that can contain accidental fires from spreading.

    Secure RV Storage Access

  • Restricted a 24 hour access system that tracks customers & visitors as they enter and leave the property.
  • Key code or swipe card access for your storage unit to track individuals accessing each storage unit individually.
  • Sole key-holder policy to ensure you are the only person with a key to your storage space.
  • Intercom systems that prevents unauthorized access to specific private areas.

    RV Storage Security Surveillance

  • CCTV video surveillance cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day with video verification to each corridor in the storage location.

    Secure RV Storage - On-Site Management

  • Residential managers that actually live onsite to monitor the location and provide 24 hour service to your storage unit if needed.
  • 24 hour guard service or security guard spot service with detailed information.

    RV Storage Security - Lighting

  • Well placed and well lit industrial level lightning systems that acts as an added deterrent. These can be motion sensitive on the internal & external buildings and corridors.

    Secure RV Storage - Fencing

  • Perimeter fencing or concrete walls to prevent & deter thieves from entering or exiting the property.

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