RV Winterizing Instructions

When your camping season is over and it’s time to store your RV, you’ll need to take some preventative measures that will ensure your RV is safely stored and minimize potentially costly repair bills.  This is known as RV winterizing.  Most RV Storage facilities provide this services for an additional fee, or you can follow the below procedures to winterize your RV by yourself.

Before you Winterize your RV

Before winterizing your RV, the following items are needed:
(items can be found at major RV parts stores)

  • Non-toxic RV antifreeze
  • A water heater by-pass kit, if not already installed
  • A water pump converter kit
  • Tools to remove drain plugs

RV Winterizing Instructions

  1. Disconnect the outside water source
  2. Bypass your water heater (if not already installed)
  3. a. Disconnect the water supply
    b. Turn off all power to the water heater
    c. Make sure the water heater gas pilot is UN-LIT
    d. Disconnect hot and cold lines going into and out of the water heater
    e. Connect purchased by-pass according to Manufacturer Instructions
    f. Close off hot and cold lines going into and out of the water heater
    g. Open the by-pass
  4. Open the petcock to drain main pipes
  5. Open all water taps and flush the toilet to drain any remaining water
  6. Close all faucets and petcock
  7. Add antifreeze: consult user manual for amount and directions
  8. If applicable, winterize external shower / ice maker according to owner's manuals
  9. Open drain valve on water heater
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